Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Heidelberg Castle | Exhibitions “Of Tables and Banquets. Eating and Drinking in Palaces, Monasteries and Fortresses.”

On May 6, the State Palaces and Gardens of Baden-Wuerttemberg are kicking off the annual theme for 2018. The motto of the year for the historical monuments throughout the state is “Of Tables and Banquets. Eating and Drinking in Palaces, Monasteries and Fortresses.” All of the offerings this year revolve around the cultural history of dining and food, with festivals and markets, special tours and several offerings for families.

In 2018 the palaces, monasteries and fortresses in Baden-Wuerttemberg will showcase their appetizing side. A total of 15 monuments are participating - and they are filled with stories about food and drink - from antiquity up to today! Every monument brings to life the banquets and tables that were set in the past, where princes and princesses, clergymen, manservants and maidservants ate, savored or hungered. The events of the annual theme take place in kitchens, at hearths, in cellar vaults and festive dining halls.

The annual theme "Of Tables and Banquets" centers around Bebenhausen Monastery and Palace, near the old university town of Tübingen, the Salem Monastery and Palace on Lake Constance, the gigantic Ludwigsburg Residential Palace near Stuttgart, and the opulent Rastatt Favorite Palace near Baden-Baden. In total, 15 monasteries, palaces and fortresses take part in the theme of the year. The history of the monuments is brought to life with several topical tours and special events put on by the Baden-Württemberg's state heritage agency Staatliche Schlösser & Gärten.

The UNESCO monument of Maulbronn Monastery, the legendary place of origin of the "Maultasche" (Swabian ravioli), is also on board. Heidelberg Palace stands for splendid Renaissance feasts with banquets piled high with game, poultry and fish. The famous gardens of Schwetzingen Palace were home to orange and lemon trees three hundred years ago - thanks to the talents of the gardeners. Highlights in the program include the "Palace Open Day" on June 17 and the "Monastery Open Day" on 14 October. Tours, activities and music: the program especially caters to families. You can find more highlights in the program brochure about the annual theme or in the always up-to-date online portal of the Staatliche Schlösser & Gärten www.tisch-tafel-2018.de.

Event locations for the annual theme "Of Tables and Banquets"

Bebenhausen Monastery and Palace
The royal palace kitchen dates back to 1916 and is a monument of the time when Württemberg still had a king. It is equipped with the cutting-edge technology from 100 years ago. Its purpose was to feed the great, regal hunting party in proper sophistication.

Salem Monastery and Palace
In Salem Monastery on Lake Constance, many aspects bear witness to the former prosperity of the monastery, such as its cultural landscape with fishponds and vineyards, which has been preserved until today. The famous tiled stove depicts the monks going fishing or working in the vineyards.

Ludwigsburg Residential Palace
This giant baroque palace is an experience in itself. It houses a special treasure: the Ceramics Museum. Here you can find the finest dining culture since the Middle Ages. A high point is the study collection of 2,000 pieces of Ludwigsburg porcelain. The barrel cellar impresses visitors with Wuerttemberg's largest wine barrel.

Rastatt Favorite Palace
Margravine Sibylla Augusta of Baden-Baden hosts royal feasts and hunting excursions at her palace. With her pompous demonstrating kitchen, she shows her wealth and presents herself as a royal collector. Alongside the palace, in the garden, is her private chapel: there, in the solitary hermitage, the powerful Margravine practiced fasting and doing penance!


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